A visa is required for traveling into Bhutan. The following information, along with a copy of full tour payment should be e-mailed/Faxed/couriered to us at least 6 weeks prior to date of arrival in Bhutan in order to process your visa:

Tourist will need to carry 2 copies of original passport –sized photographs, which are required on arrival in the country. A visa fee of US $ 40 per person is payable on arrival in cash, at the point of entry.

Visas are approved in advance and a visa clearance number is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Without this visa clearance number, tourist cannot board the flight or enter the country. A copy of this visa clearance is forwarded to the concerned Tashi Air (Bhutan Airlines) stations and other entry points by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we also fax the same copy to tour operators/tourists for their reference. While the actual visa is stamped on arrival, the initial visa clearance is also required at the time of issuing Tashi Air (Bhutan Airlines) tickets.